who plays the sunday night football game tonight

who plays the sunday night football game tonight

Who’s Playing Sunday Night Football Tonight?

For football fans eagerly awaiting the return of their favorite sport, one of the biggest questions of the week is “who’s playing on Sunday night football tonight?” A Sunday night prime-time broadcast by NBC has become a reliable tradition and a coveted spot for two lucky NFL teams.

Sunday Night Football Schedule

The schedule for NBC’s Sunday night games is set at the start of the season. Some of the biggest showdowns get top billing, with rosters for both teams released well in advance. Here are the highlights of the remaining Sunday night games for the 2019 season:

  • Week 16 – San Fransisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks
  • Week 17 – Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings

Pre-Game Preparations

No matter who plays on Sunday night football, the team that wins usually makes sure every detail is carefully prepared in advance. Players typically put in extra practice time and study film. Coaches and staff members focus on creating the perfect game plan for their team. It’s no wonder why so much rides on the outcome of Sunday night games – each team wants to be the one to depart in the prime- spot of NBC’s national broadcast.

Game Day Excitement

On game day, the excitement during Sunday night football is palpable. From pre-game parties to tailgating events, fans around the country have plenty of reasons to gather and cheer on their team. And of course, as kickoff approaches, stadiums across the nation fill up with fans eager to experience the intensity of a Sunday night game.


As the NFL regular season draws to a close, there are sure to be plenty of great showdowns happening on Sunday nights. From die-hard football fans to casual viewers alike, Sunday night football remains one of the most watched and iconic traditions of the NFL. With the potential for an unexpected turn of events at any moment, these games are sure to be some of the most anticipated and thrilling games of the season.



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