who was that kid at the game awards

who was that kid at the game awards

The Mystery of the Kid at the Game Awards

The Game Awards 2019, on December 12th, was a time for gamers from around the world to come together and celebrate their favorite games, as well as the accomplishments of the game developers, designers, and artists behind them. As this wonderfully inspiring and intriguing event was about to come to a close, many shared their opinions about the night on social media. One topic that gained special attention however, was a mystery.

The Mystery of the Kid

At the closing of the awards, the audience was getting ready to leave when all of a sudden, a very young boy, who appeared to be around 8 or 9 years old, walked out on stage during the standing ovation. It seemed he had something to say but before he could, he was quickly ushered offstage. This left everyone wondering, who was this mysterious kid?

Theories and Speculations

Speculations and theories began to circulate on the internet. Many thought the kid was attending the award show because he was the developer of a game, though this seemed unlikely considering his age. Others believed he was the son of one of the prominent speakers that evening. A more outlandish theory was that he was an “undercover agent,” judging the event.

What really stood out to people was the fact that the kid was wearing a colorful “Get Woke Go Broke” t-shirt, an obvious allusion to the ongoing debate about social justice crusades in gaming. This added fuel to the fire, as many began to suspiciously speculate that the child was involved with some kind of political or social agenda.

The Truth Revealed

After several weeks of speculation, the truth was finally revealed. The young boy was the son of Geoff Keighley, the Game Awards producer. Geoff later confirmed this was his son and stated, “… I was extremely proud to see him on stage and wanted to share his enthusiasm with the world. It was a special moment I will always remember.”

The Final Answer

So, who was that kid at the Game Awards? He was the son of Geoff Keighley, the creator and producer of the awards show. His enthusiasm and excitement for the evening, along with the large “Get Woke Go Broke” t-shirt he was wearing, made him extremely memorable, sparking a lot of curious speculation without a clear answer.

But now, the mystery has finally been solved. Now, if only we could find the answers to all the other unsolved mysteries in the gaming world…



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