who won bears game today

who won bears game today

Chicago Bears’ Win Against Detroit Lions

The Chicago Bears took home another impressive win against their rivals, the Detroit Lions, on Sunday. It was the fourth preseason game for both teams, and it was a close one, but the Bears emerged victorious with a score of 19-15.

Great Performance From Mitchell Trubisky

The highlight of the game was the excellent work from Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. He had a passer rating of 130.7, completing 11 of 18 attempt for 126 yards and one touchdown. Trubisky was sharp throughout the game and was able to move the ball down the field with ease. His throws were accurate and on target and he was able to find receivers in tight windows.

Impressive Defense

In addition to good offense, the Bears had a great defensive performance as well. They held the Lions to just 15 points on the day and forced two turnovers. This was a critical part of the victory and a great sign for the team moving forward.

Key Takeaways

The Chicago Bears definitely have a lot to look forward to come regular season. With a strong performance from quarterbacks and defense, the team looks poised for success. Here are a few key takeaways from the game:

  • Mitchell Trubisky looked great throughout the game. His accuracy and decision-making were great and he was able to move the ball down the field effectively.
  • The defense also had a strong game. They were able to keep the Lions off the scoreboard and forced two turnovers.
  • The Bears are in good shape heading into the regular season. With a solid showing both offensively and defensively, they should be in contention come next season.

The Chicago Bears have put on an impressive performance this preseason and it appears that they are ready for the regular season to begin. With strong quarterback play and stellar defense, the Bears have all the pieces in place for a successful year.



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