who won the army-navy game today

who won the army-navy game today

Navy Defeats Army in Spectacular Army-Navy Game

The annual Army-Navy Game did not disappoint as Navy pulled away in the second half to clinch a 31-7 victory. The electric crowd in Philadelphia was treated to a close game where Navy limited Army’s scoring opportunities.

1st Quarter Highlight:

Navy successfully completed a thrilling 41-yard pass play in the first quarter that set up their first touchdown of the game. This successful play showed the Navy’s ability to be creative with their offense.

2nd Quarter Turnaround:

Navy was able to pull away in the second quarter when their defense was able to prevent any scoring opportunities for Army. Army was unable to take advantage of their offensive opportunities and Navy was able to pull away.

3rd Quarter Dominance:

Navy continued to stay on offense and took control of the game in the third quarter. They scored two touchdowns, including a spectacular 35-yard run for a touchdown with less than two minutes to go in the period.

4th Quarter Clincher:

Navy put the game away in the fourth quarter with a final touchdown that clinched the game. The crowd erupted and Navy players celebrated in the endzone in excitement.

The Final Score:

Navy beat Army 31-7 in today’s Army-Navy Game. The Midshipmen were able to take control of the game in the second half and put it away in the fourth quarter. This marks their 11th consecutive win in the rivalry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Navy’s offense was able to capitalize on opportunities to score.
  • Navy’s defense was able to limit Army’s scoring opportunities.
  • Navy’s special teams were able to stop Army in key situations.



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