who won the padres phillies game today

who won the padres phillies game today

Phillies win against Padres at Citizens Bank Park

The Philadelphia Phillies have achieved a major win against the San Diego Padres at Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies came out on top with a 7–4 victory, making it their third win in a row against their opponents.

Phillies dominant throughout the game

The Phillies were dominant throughout the game. Right from the start, they opened up with a strong lead thanks in part to a three-run home run from Rhys Hoskins in the first inning. They continued to have a strong presence, thanks to brilliant offensive performances by players such as Andrew McCutchen, Jay Bruce and Jean Segura.

Padres struggle to keep up with Phillies

The Padres unfortunately struggled to keep up with the strong performance put forward by the Phillies. They did manage to put up four runs, thanks in part to Manny Machado’s two-run homer in the third inning. However, they could not make up the deficit and the Phillies held onto their lead throughout the game.

Key performances

The key performances for the Phillies were:

  • Rhys Hoskins: Three-run homer in the first inning
  • Andrew McCutchen: Two doubles
  • Jay Bruce: Three RBIs
  • Jean Segura: One RBI

The key performances for the Padres were:

  • Manny Machado: Two-run homer
  • Fernando Tatis Jr.: Two hits
  • Eric Hosmer: One RBI
  • Luis Urias: One hit


Overall, it was a great win for the Philadelphia Phillies. They have managed to take the series lead against their opponents and now have three straight wins against them. This is a testament to their impressive offensive performance throughout the game and their continued dominance in the season.



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