who won the redskins game

who won the redskins game

Washington Redskins Game 2019

Who Won the Redskins Game?

The 2019 Washington Redskins game was an exciting game to watch, with a lot of close calls and excellent plays. The game was decided by a field goal right at the end, with the Washington Redskins winning by three points.

  • The Winning Team: The Washington Redskins.
  • Final Score: 26-23
  • Winning Quarterback: Case Keenum

The Washington Redskins have had a rollercoaster season this year, but the hard-fought victory against the Arizona Cardinals was a great way to start their presumed playoffs campaign. Case Keenum has been a consistent presence for the team, and he played an essential role in their success. The score might have been close, but the Redskins still put out a performance worthy of a victory.

The Washington Redskins’ victory was the result of a collective effort from both the offense and defense. The offensive line was successful in controlling the clock, allowing their runners to control the running game and set up the passing game. The defence was also admirable, with the linebacking core leading the way in making the opponents march backwards; holding the Cardinals to only 3 points in the fourth quarter.

Overall, it was a great game and a great victory for the Washington Redskins. Despite some tough losses this season, they are still in line to make it to the playoffs and show more of what they can do.



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