who won the tennessee ball game

who won the tennessee ball game

Tennessee Ball Game Winner

The Tennessee Ball Game is one of the most prestigious and highly anticipated sporting events in the country. On Saturday, November 17, 2018, the highly-anticipated game was held, and it was won by the Tennessee Volunteers.

Tennessee Volunteers Win the Tennessee Ball Game

The Tennessee Volunteers faced off against the Vanderbilt Commodores in the Tennessee Ball Game. The Volunteers put on a stellar performance and emerged victorious with a final score of 24-17.

The Volunteers were led by backup quarterback Keller Chryst and wide receiver Marquez Callaway, who combined for two touchdown passes and two rushing touchdowns. The Volunteers’ defense also put on a great performance, allowing the Commodores only 17 points.

Stand out Performances

Although the Volunteers overcame the Commodores, there were a few stand out performances on the Commodores side. Running back Ke’Shawn Vaughn and quarterback Kyle Shurmur pushed the Commodores into contention with their respective performances.

Record Setting

The Volunteers set a record by winning six straight Tennessee Ball Games. This marked the first time in history that one team had won six consecutive ball games.


The Volunteers celebrated their win with a post-game celebration, with the team and fans alike erupting in joy.


In conclusion, the Tennessee Volunteers succeeded in a thrilling victory against the Vanderbilt Commodores in the 2018 Tennessee Ball Game. It was a game full of excitement, with the Volunteers emerging victorious and setting a record in the process.



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