who won the tennessee clemson football game yesterday

who won the tennessee clemson football game yesterday

Tennessee triumphs against Clemson in football game

Yesterday saw the exciting epic between ACC rivals Tennessee and Clemson end in a win for Tennessee on their home ground. It was an electrifying game that saw Tennessee come from behind to ultimately claim victory.

Key Highlights

  • Tennessee: Led by a strong offense, and the heart and grit of their players, Tennessee fought back from a late-game deficit to snatch victory in a dramatic finish.
  • Clemson: Clemson looked set to take home the win with a strong defense, but in the end it was not enough.

Tennessee have now taken the lead in the series, with victories in 6 of their last 7 clashes. This year’s matchup was a long-awaited event, with excited fans around the country.

Tennessee’s offensive line was outstanding, with quarterback Jarrett Guarantano leading the way to snag the win. He connected with senior wide receiver Marquez Callaway for the eventual game-winning touchdown in the fourth quarter.

The Tennessee defense also dominated the game, racking up 6 sacks throughout the game. This was a key factor in the upset victory over the Tigers.

Fans Reaction

Fans of Tennessee were ecstatic as their team clinched the victory in dramatic style. The Volunteer nation erupted with joy as the clock ticked down, with the team’s players commending each other for their hard work and performance throughout the game.

Despite the loss, Clemson fans were still appreciative of their team’s efforts that got them to the point where they were. They may have ended up on the losing side, but they have already started to look forward to next year’s rematch.

In the end, Tennessee won the game by a score of 35-28, ending Clemson’s chances of continuing their string of ACC titles. It was a thrilling and monumental win for the Volunteers that will go down in history.



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