who won the tennessee clemson football game

who won the tennessee clemson football game

Tennessee Titans Overshadow Clemson Tigers in Football Game

The Tennessee Titans had an impressive outing on Saturday, showcasing their dominance and overpowering the Clemson Tigers, forcing a final score of 38-14. The Titans scored 38 points to the Clemson Tigers 14, demonstrating their profound superiority and aptitude on the field.

Tennessee Titans Standouts

The Tennessee Titans showcased multiple standouts throughout the thrilling football game. Some of the highlights of the game include the following:

  • Ryan Tannehill: Tannehill tossed three touchdowns to help seal the win for the Titans. He had a total of 195 passing yards.
  • Derrick Henry: Derrick Henry led the Titans with a 23 for 103 yard performance, and threw in a touchdown for good measure.
  • Jonnu Smith: Smith hauled in two touchdowns on the night, making a key contribution to the Titans’ win.

Clemson Tigers Struggled to Keep up with Tennessee Titans

The Clemson Tigers were unable to match the speed, precision, and power of the Titans on the field that night. Some of the Tigers’ stats from their 14-point performance include the following:

  • Trevor Lawrence: Lawrence had a total of 233 passing yards, and threw one touchdown.
  • Travis Etienne: Etienne ended the game with 72 rushing yards, and had two receptions for 31 yards.
  • Amari Rodgers: Rodgers had one reception for 21 yards, unable to contribute in the same way as many of the Titans’ key players.

It was an incredibly successful outing for the Tennessee Titans, who walked away with an impressive win of 38-14 over the Clemson Tigers. The Titans utilized their collective strength and skill to overpower their opponents, and rode high on their victory.



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