who won the titans game today

who won the titans game today

Who Won the Titans Game Today?

The Tennessee Titans have had a great season this year, and today they took on the Jacksonville Jaguars in what was a highly anticipated matchup. The winner of the game would decide the fate of the AFC South Division lead and the playoffs. It was a closely contested game and when all was said and done, the Tennessee Titans emerged triumphant with a 38-28 victory!

What Led to the Titans’ Victory?

The Titans were led by their star quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who is having a career year. Tannehill put up impressive numbers, throwing for 372 yards and 4 touchdowns, both of which are season-highs. He also ran for a touchdown to give the Titans the lead in the fourth quarter.

The Titans also got help from their running backs, Derrick Henry and Dion Lewis. Henry had 21 carries for 94 yards, while Lewis had 9 carries for 45 yards and a touchdown. The two running backs were able to keep the Titans offense balanced and keep the Jaguars’ defense guessing.

The Titans’ defense also had a great game. They were able to limit the Jaguars to just 14 points and kept them out of the end zone in the final minutes. The Titans also had four sacks and 3 interceptions, including a game-sealing interception by safety Kevin Byard.

What This Means for the Titans

With their victory today, the Titans have secured the AFC South Division lead and have clinched a playoff spot. This is the first time the Tennessee Titans have made the playoffs since 2008, and it is a great accomplishment for the franchise. This is sure to be big for the team, their fans, and the city of Tennessee.


Today’s game was an impressive victory for the Tennessee Titans, one that will surely go down in history. The Titans put up a great performance on both offense and defense and they have now secured a playoff spot. This will be a great opportunity for the Titans to make a deep playoff run and make their mark on the NFL.



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