who won the wisconsin badger game

who won the wisconsin badger game

Wisconsin Badgers Claim Victory Against the Iowa Hawkeyes

The Wisconsin Badgers are celebrating a victory against the Iowa Hawkeyes, with a final score of 28-7. The much-anticipated football game was held at Camp Randall Stadium on Saturday, November 9.

Offense with Dominance

The Wisconsin Badgers demonstrated their dominance on offense, scoring four touchdowns throughout the game. Quarterback Jack Coan rushed for two of those touchdowns, with backup Graham Mertz coming in the fourth quarter to close the game. Jonathan Taylor, veteran running back, added a third touchdown and led the team with 132 rushing yards. Overall, the Wisconsin offense accounted for 464 yards.

Wisconsin Badgers’ Defense Clamps Down

The Wisconsin Badgers’ defense was also impressive, holding the Iowa Hawkeyes to 10 first downs and 146 total yards. The Hawkeyes’ offense was unable to score a single touchdown, with quarterback Nate Stanley throwing an interception in the second quarter. The Wisconsin defense did not give up a single turnover and had five sacks for a total of 29 yards.


The Wisconsin Badgers have proven their strength and resilience throughout this game, delivering the ultimate victory. The Wisconsin offense showcased their power and productivity, while the defense clamped down and did not give up a single turnover. By claiming victory against the Iowa Hawkeyes, the Wisconsin Badgers have reaffirmed their title as one of the top teams in the nation.



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