who won the wwe war games

who won the wwe war games

WWE War Games: Who Won?

The WWE War Games, a signature match of the WWE only seen a few times a year, made its long-awaited return during the Survivor Series 2020 weekend. The two teams going at it in the grueling and brutal War Games match were Drew McIntyre’s team of Keith Lee, Sheamus, and AJ Styles versus the team of Roman Reigns, Jey Uso, and team of The Miz and John Morrison.

The Match Itself

The “heel” team of Reigns, Uso, and the Miz & Morrison entered the match first and after an aggressive start, McIntyre’s team obtained control. The “face” team continued to dominate the match with impressive displays of athleticism and perseverance which quickly put the competition on its back foot. The match lasted for about 35 minutes and included several signature spots and high-octane moments.

The Winner

In the end, it was McIntyre’s “face” team who emerged victorious. AJ Styles pinned Jey Uso to score the winning pinfall and secure the win for his team. Following the match, McIntyre and his team celebrated while a devastated Reigns and Uso were consoled by their fellow partners.

Key Moments From the Match

While the match as a whole was great, there were several standout moments worth noting:

  • Sheamus’ early dominance: The Celtic Warrior was the first person on McIntyre’s team to enter the match and he quickly asserted his dominance with a flurry of strikes and a number of high-impact moves.
  • Keith Lee’s impressive power display: The Limitless One continued to display his strength and power throughout the match, with a long list of impressive feats of strength.
  • AJ Styles’ valiant efforts: Despite being the last person from McIntyre’s team to enter the match and being at a numbers disadvantage, the Phenomenal One never gave up and managed to get the team back into the match before ultimately scoring the winning pinfall.

The WWE War Games was an incredibly fun and exciting match and ultimately it was McIntyre’s team who emerged victorious. The match was filled with excitement, athleticism and emotion and served as a reminder as to why the War Games can be one of the best and most memorable matches in the WWE.



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