who’s the monday night football game tonight

who’s the monday night football game tonight

Monday Night Football: Whos Playing Tonight?

Monday Night Football is a great way to end off a long week. The game is always highly anticipated due to the lack of other night games. So, who’s playing tonight?

Tonight’s Matchup

Tonight’s Monday Night Football game on October 19th, 2020, will feature the Philadelphia Eagles travelling west to battle the New York Giants. This matchup marks the third consecutive year the Eagles and Giants have faced off in a Monday Night Football game.

The Teams

The Philadelphia Eagles are off to a slow start, currently at 1-3-1 and in the last place of their division. However, the team as of recently seems to have been able to find its footing and is hoping to gain traction as the season goes on.

On the other side, the New York Giants have had a tough season thus far. They are currently 0-5, having had a couple of games with close calls, but not being able to secure a win.

What To Look For

This game will hope to be an interesting one, with both teams needing to improve their records.

The Eagles will have their starting quarterback, Carson Wentz, returning from his draft day. He’ll be looking to take a step forward and help the Eagles turn the season around.

The Giants defense has been playing at a high level and will look to continue so against the Eagles’ offense. It will be interesting to see if they are successful in shutting Wentz dow.


Given the Eagles’ recent success, it’s hard to ignore the momentum they’ve been gaining. It would be wise to bet on the Eagles in this game.

However, no game is certain and anything can happen here. The Giants still have a great defense and could have what it takes to steal the win.

It’ll be exciting to watch tonight as we get to witness this rivalry play out in an important game for both teams. Whoever you bet on, make sure to tune in and enjoy Monday Night Football!



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