who’s winning the buffalo new england game

who’s winning the buffalo new england game

Who’s Winning the Buffalo New England Game?

The Buffalo New England game is a much-anticipated game every season. It’s a matchup between two of the top teams in the AFC East division and a key part of the divisional title. With such exciting matchups, who’s winning the Buffalo New England game?

The History

The Buffalo New England rivalry dates back all the way to 1960, when the two teams first met in the division title game. Since then, the two teams have met on the field 66 total times, with the Patriots coming out with the edge 31-31-4.

Recent Outcomes

As for the most recent games, the Patriots have had the upper hand in recent matchups. In the last three meetings, two were won by the Patriots and the other was a tie.

Game Preview

This year’s game is shaping up to be another thriller. Both teams are top contenders in the division and have the talent to make a run at the division title.

The Patriots have been preparing for the matchup all throughout the offseason, but the Bills haven’t been sitting idle either. They’ve made some changes to their roster and there is a new energy surrounding the team this season.

Final Predictions

Going into the game, the Patriots have the slight edge over the Bills. With their depth of talent and experience in their division, they should be able to come out on top.

That said, the Bills have the potential to pull off the upset if they can execute their offense and put pressure on Tom Brady. If they can do that, the Bills could walk away with the win.


In the end, the Patriots are most likely to come out on top in the Buffalo New England game. But with the Bills coming in with a renewed confidence, no outcome is certain until the final whistle blows.



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