who’s winning the dallas tennessee game

who’s winning the dallas tennessee game

Who’s Winning The Dallas Tennessee Game?

The Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have been on a roll recently! They have firmly secured the #1 position in their division with a 9-3 record so far this season. Their outstanding team performance and strategic plays have been more than enough to keep them ahead of their opponents in the division.

Their most recent game against the Tennessee Titans places them in an advantageous position to continue their winning streak. The Dallas Cowboys have quickly established a commanding lead by scoring rapidly and taking the upper hand from the start.


The Dallas Cowboys have emphasized their superiority in the game by introducing some impressive offensive plays that have proved to be strategically successful. Some of their most dazzling plays include:

  • Dak Prescott’s 2-yard touchdown pass to Blake Jarwin
  • Ezekiel Elliott’s 16-yard touchdown run
  • Amari Cooper’s 8-yard touchdown catch


With the Dallas Cowboys way ahead in the game, it’s expected that the team will claim the win by the end of the match. It’s no surprise that they are a strong contender and have made their presence known in their division this season.

The Dallas Cowboys have put forth their impressive performance and have shown no signs of slowing down. It is likely that they will continue to be victorious in their division and remain as one of the top contenders.



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