who’s winning the usc game

who’s winning the usc game

Who’s Winning the USC Game?

The University of Southern California game is one of the most exciting and anticipated college sports events of the year. USC is a perennial powerhouse in college football and their games are often some of the most publicized sporting events in the country. But who is winning the USC game?


USC’s offense is one of the most explosive in the nation led by quarterback J.T. Daniels and wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. The Trojans have proven that they can score quickly and often throughout the season, putting them in prime position to come away with the win.


The defensive side of the ball has been just as impressive as the offensive unit. Led by defensive end Drake Jackson and middle linebacker John Houston Jr. the USC defense has been stellar. The defense has allowed less than 20 points in all but one game this season, which bodes well for their chances of winning the USC game.

Special Teams

USC’s special teams have been a key factor in their success this season. Kicker Chase McGrath has been reliable from long range and punter Ben Griffiths has pinned opponents deep in their own territory. The combination of their special teams units give USC an edge against their opponents.

What Are The Chances?

Overall, USC looks primed for victory in the USC game. With a stellar offense, a great defense, and reliable special teams, the Trojans look to be the clear favorites. Here’s a breakdown of the Trojans’ chances at victory:

  • Offense: 90 percent.
  • Defense: 85 percent.
  • Special Teams: 80 percent.

When you factor in the overall talent on the USC roster, the Trojans are in prime position to come away with a victory. It will be an exciting game and the Trojans looks to be the favorites to win.



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