why are games locked on my ps5

why are games locked on my ps5

Speaking of Playing Games on PS5

Do you love playing games on PlayStation? Recently it’s been bothering me why are my games locked on my PS5. This might have happened to you too if you own a PS5.

Don’t worry! I did some research and here are the answers I’ve got.

Here’s why:

  • Technical Problem: Sometimes certain technical issues in the console might lock the games. It is highly recommended that you restart your console to see if the games are still locked.
  • Not compatible: The games need to be PlayStation Network compatible in order to play them. If the game is not compatible, then it will be locked.
  • Subscription Services: Online subscription services like PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now can cause your games to be locked.
  • Regional Restriction: If you have moved to a new region or country, then it is likely that the console and games you own are not compatible with the new region, causing the games to be locked.
  • What can be done?

  • Restart the console.
  • Check the game’s compatibility with the PlayStation Network.
  • Purchase the game from a new region if the game is not compatible with the current one.
  • Check if subscription services are required to be able to play the game.
  • By following the simple suggestions listed above, you can easily fix the problem of your games being locked on PS5. However, if the problem persists, it is best to contact PlayStation Support for additional help.



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