why are nfl games on saturday

why are nfl games on saturday

Saturday NFL Games – The Popularity of the National Football League

Saturday NFL games have become an important part of the American football season. They provide an extra day of NFL action to fans who have already been watching their favorite teams play on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights. But why are NFL games on Saturday and what makes them so popular?

Reason 1: An Extra Day of Football

The biggest reason why Saturday NFL games are so popular is because they offer an extra day of action. Thursday night games provide the very first glimpse of the upcoming week, while Sunday and Monday nights provide the greatest variety of matchups. Saturday games provide an entire day filled with NFL football that fans love.

Reason 2: More Prime-Time Exposure for Games

Saturday NFL games also provide an additional opportunity for teams to receive prime-time exposure. Prime-time slot is reserved for the most important and exciting games – especially those involving the most popular teams. This added exposure helps teams to gain more fans and more attention from NFL enthusiasts.

Reason 3: Popularity of College Football

Finally, Saturday NFL games are likely popular due to the fact that college football also plays its games on Saturdays. College football is arguably the most popular sport in the United States, so having NFL games in the same day as college football can only help the NFL get more exposure.


Ultimately, the popularity of Saturday NFL games is due to their extra day of football, added prime-time exposure, and the popularity of college football. The NFL has become one of the most popular sports in the world, and it seems that Saturday games are here to stay.



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