why are the world cup games at the same time

why are the world cup games at the same time

Why are the World Cup Games at the Same Time?

The FIFA World Cup is one of the most highly watched sporting events in the world. With 32 countries participating in 64 games, it’s a form of global entertainment loved by millions of people around the world. But a question many have is: why are the games all scheduled at the same time?

1. Increase TV Audience Share

When FIFA schedules World Cup games, it’s done so with an eye towards maximizing their TV audience. Starting games at the same time increases the overall ratings of the tournament since many viewers want to watch multiple games at once. Also, if a great match is taking place later in the day, people will be more likely to wait and watch that game and whatever comes before it. Additionally, it’s easier for TV networks to plan their advertising in this scenario, ensuring high viewership and better ratings.

2. Allocate Broadcast Slots More Efficiently

The vast majority of World Cup games are broadcast on television. By scheduling them at the same time, media outlets are able to make the most of their broadcast slots. Instead of showing just one game, networks can broadcast multiple games and attract greater viewership. This strategy allows broadcasters to maximize the audience for all of the different match-ups and spread interest to more countries.

3. Easier for Fans to Follow

The World Cup experience isn’t just about watching your favorite teams; it’s also about following the overall storyline of the tournament. When all of the games are at the same time, it’s easier for fans to stay up to date and paint a picture of who is advancing and who isn’t. On the flip side, if games were spaced out, then fans might miss out on important matches if they’re not able to watch them live.


The FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world and the scheduling of games plays an important role in its success. By scheduling all of the games around the same time, FIFA is able to maximize its TV ratings and create an easier experience for its fans. With 64 games, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to watch their favorite teams in action.



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