why are there games on saturday nfl

why are there games on saturday nfl

Why Are There Games on Saturday in the NFL?

For many years, the NFL has been broadcasting its games on Sundays, but with the introduction of Saturday games in the NFL it has become increasingly popular. There are several reasons why the NFL has chosen to include Saturday games in their schedule.

Competing For Viewers

With more and more networks competing for viewers, the NFL has had to get creative to gain viewership. Saturday games are one way to do this, as it gives viewers more opportunity to watch the games.

Cheaper Prices

Saturday games are cheaper to produce and generate higher revenue. With a larger number of viewers, the games are able to generate higher ratings as well as more money from advertising.


The NFL has also embraced Saturday games as a way to offer a variety of options for viewers. These games give people who have busy Sunday routines an opportunity to watch the NFL on a different day, as well as providing people with a break from their Sunday routines.

Balancing The Schedule

By offering games on Saturday, the NFL can ensure that each team plays each opponent once during the course of the regular season. This helps the teams balance their schedule so that all teams have a chance to compete for the same number of games.


Saturday games in the NFL have become an important part of the regular season. They provide viewers with an additional day to watch their favorite teams, as well as allowing the NFL to compete against other networks for viewers, generate higher ratings and revenue, offer variety to viewers, and balance their schedule.



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