why are there games on saturday nfl

why are there games on saturday nfl

The Rise of the Saturday NFL Games

The National Football League has been a staple in American culture for generations. Every fall, the ritual of American football starts with the preseason and ends with the glitz and glamor of the Super Bowl. But in recent years, the schedule has changed to include Saturday games and these have quickly become some of the most anticipated days of the season.

Bigger Audience

The NFL added Saturday games in order to reach a larger audience. By providing an alternative option to Sunday games, the NFL is able to reach new audiences that may not have had the time, inclination or opportunity to watch on Sunday. Additionally, Saturday football opens up the chance to have the day’s games highlighted in primetime slots. This can draw an even bigger crowd and potentially increase revenue opportunities.

Bigger Rivalry

Saturday games can also open the door to even bigger rivalries as teams can now face off more frequently. This can also lead to more excitement for fans and may mean more loyalty for certain teams and instate rivalries.


Saturday games in the NFL have quickly become a fan favorite due to the increased access to their favorite teams and the greater potential for rivalries. With an ever expanding audience and more potential for profits, it looks like Saturday games are here to stay.



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