why are there no bowl games on new year’s day

why are there no bowl games on new year’s day

Why Aren’t There Bowl Games on New Year’s Day?

Many college football fans anticipate the excitement of New Year’s Day, which typically involves watching multiple bowl games and celebrating their respective teams. This has been a long-standing tradition in America, but a new recent change has people wondering why there are no bowl games on New Year’s Day.

Bowl Scheduling

The answer lies in how the bowl scheduling is set up each year. This season, the College Football Playoff Semifinals landed on December 29th, with the championship on January 7th. When this type of schedule is created, it means that the games that typically take place on the 1st cannot take place.

Competition for Fans’ Attention

The other factor contributing to the lack of bowl games on New Year’s Day is the rising competition for fans’ attention. With the College Football Playoff, bowls are spread out across multiple days, including on Christmas. Having games on Christmas helps to capture attention of fans during this traditionally slow day, as other sports leagues such as the NBA and NHL host games.

Increasing Number of Bowl Games

In addition, the number of bowl games has increased in recent years, and this requires more flexibility with the scheduling. There are now 40 bowl games and a total of 80 teams playing throughout the season, which means the games must be spread out over a longer period of time.


Overall, the lack of bowl games on New Year’s Day is mainly due to the way the bowl scheduling is set up, as well as the competition for attention from other sports. Although it is not the same as in previous years, college football fans can still look forward to an exciting bowl season and following their respective teams throughout the season.



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