why are there no fans at nfl games

why are there no fans at nfl games

Why There Are No Fans At NFL Games

The NFL has had to make numerous changes to their seasons since the spread of COVID-19. One of the biggest changes they have had to make is to restrict the attendance of fans at their games. Here is why:

1. Keeping Fans Safe

The health and safety of NFL fans is of the utmost importance to the league. Crowds gathered together in an enclosed stadium holds a much higher risk for the spread of COVID-19 as opposed to limited attendance. To limit the spread and reduce the risk, the league has intentionally kept fans out of their stadiums.

2. Disruption to the Flow of Games

Attending NFL games is a huge part of the experience, from tailgating to the crowded stands during the game. Not having fans in attendance really disrupts the flow of the game. Players have to adjust to playing in an environment bereft of the energy and noise created by the crowd. No fans can be a bit of a distraction to players who are used to the energy of the crowd.

3. Loss of Revenue

Perhaps the biggest effect of the lack of fans at the NFL games is the enormous loss of revenue.
Without fans, there is no money coming in from ticket sales and merchandises, and teams have had to drastically reduce their spending in order to stay in the black. Without fans in attendance, the NFL also loses out on potential advertising revenue from sponsorships. All this amounts to losses in the hundreds of millions of dollars for the league.


The NFL’s decision to not allow fans in the stadium was a tough but necessary one. With the spread of COVID-19 still on the rise, keeping fans out of the stands is the best way to keep them safe. It also has disruptive effects on the flow of the game, and more significantly, has resulted in significant losses in revenue for the league.



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