why are valorant games so long

why are valorant games so long

Are Valorant Games Too Long?

Are Valorant games taking too long to finish? Valorant is a popular first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games. It has been praised for its intense battles and its competitive structure. However, some players are finding that the games are too long, with many rounds lasting upwards of an hour.

What Are The Reasons For Long Games?

There are a few reasons why games of Valorant often take longer than they should:

  • Slower Playstyles: Not all players are comfortable with the quickly-paced action that a typical Valorant game requires. Some players take their time, which can lead to the game dragging on.
  • Objective-Based: Valorant is an objective-based game, meaning that to win a round teams will have to complete tasks such as getting a spike planted or capturing a point. This leads to teams needing to coordinate and plan their strategies, which can take time.
  • High-Level Competitions: The best Valorant players know that the key to winning is outthinking the opponent. This leads to games at high levels of play taking longer than usual, as players attempt to outsmart their opponents.

What Can Be Done To Shorten The Games?

It’s understandable why some people might not want to commit to a game of Valorant that takes over an hour. Fortunately, there are a few things that can be done to shorten games and make them more enjoyable for time-conscious players:

  • Limit Idle Time: Players should be encouraged to stay active during a game, and to refrain from spending too much time in-game if they’re not actively playing. This will help keep the game moving at a faster pace.
  • More Frequent Surrenders: If a team is falling too far behind in a round, they should consider surrendering as soon as possible to save time. This will help cut down on the time it takes to finish the game.
  • Stick To The Maps: Certain maps are known for taking longer than others, so sticking to shorter maps should help reduce the game time.
  • Competitive Leagues: Competitive leagues are a great way for players to get into competitive levels with more efficient play. This can help reduce the game time overall.
  • Game Settings: The game’s server settings can also be tweaked to reduce the time it takes for rounds to finish.


Valorant games can be quite long if they are not kept in check. But thankfully, there are a few things players can do to reduce those long games and make them more enjoyable.



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