why aren’t games fun anymore

why aren’t games fun anymore

Why Aren’t Games Fun Anymore?

We all remember those days when we would come home from school, pop a game in the console and spend hours and hours playing games. We had such a great time enjoying the amazing worlds and playing with our friends. What happened to those days? Why aren’t games fun anymore?

High Costs

Games have become increasingly more expensive, with some games costing up to $100. With this option, most people will pick the game that looks the most interesting, rather than actually playing the game. This means that the developers are focused on making the game look and sound appealing, while focusing less on the actual game play.

Growing Complexity

The games we play today are increasingly complex, requiring knowledge of advanced gaming techniques, or just really good reaction speed. Naturally, this increases the chances of frustration and boredom, as people simply don’t have the skills to progress in the game.

Lack of Unique Features

Many games nowadays are simply rehashes of old games, with only a few new features. This makes them less interesting and less fun to play, as there is little to distract us from the fact we have already seen or played something of similar quality before.


It is difficult to pinpoint exactly why games are not as much fun as before. But if we want to make sure our games remain fun and exciting, there are some steps we can take:

  • Focus on core skills: Developing games that focus on honing core skills, such as reaction times and strategy, will help ensure that players can progress without it being too frustrating.
  • Keep game cost reasonable: Keeping game cost reasonable will help to ensure that people don’t instantly drop a game because it cost too much and failed to deliver after the initial purchase.
  • Introduce unique features: Introducing unique features, such as unique powers or levels, will help to keep the game play fresh and exciting.

Ultimately, it is up to the developers, publishers and gamers to ensure that games stay fun. With these steps, we can ensure that our games remain enjoyable and memorable for the years to come.



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