why auburn game delayed

why auburn game delayed

Why Auburn Game was Delayed?

The much-anticipated football game between Auburn and South Carolina was delayed due to inclement weather. The delay came due to lightning in the area.

Reasons for Delay

Below are some of the major reasons why the game was delayed:

  • Lightning: The lightning posed a danger to spectators and players, so the game was delayed until it was deemed safe to proceed.
  • Maintenance: Heavy rain made it difficult for ground staff to prepare the playing field for the match.
  • Weather Conditions: Unsafe weather conditions such as strong winds and heavy rain made it unsafe to proceed with the match.

Effects of Delay

The delay caused the game to be postponed to the following day. This had a wide-reaching effect on fans and participants alike, as many had planned their life around the game.

Players also had to put up with uncomfortable conditions such as wet clothes and irritated skin from being in the rain for a few hours.


In conclusion, the Auburn vs. South Carolina game was delayed due to inclement weather. Lightning, maintenance, and weather conditions were the main reasons for the delay. Fans and players were both affected by the delay and had to make necessary adjustments to their life. Thankfully no one was injured during the delay and the game eventually went on without any further issues.



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