why can’t i play games from external storage

why can’t i play games from external storage

Why Can’t I Play Games From External Storage?

Many people like to store their game files on an external drive for convenience. However, this can come with problems, as sometimes games may not run properly from external storage. Some other common issues can include the game running slowly, unexpected crashes or even games that refuse to start.

The Main Issues:

  • The Game’s File Structure: Games have a lot of different files and folders that are set up in a specific way. If you transfer these files to an external drive these structures may be lost, causing the game to malfunction.
  • External Drives Are Not Always Fast Enough: Games need to load files quickly so that the game can run smoothly. But external drives are not as fast as traditional storage, which leads to the game running slower or crashing.
  • The External Drive May Not Be Compatible: Not all drives are compatible with all games, so if you use an external drive it may not be able to run the game.

Possible Solutions

  • Select An External Drive That Is Compatible With Your Game: Make sure to do some research and choose an external drive that is compatible with your game. This is the most important step as it will ensure that the game will run properly.
  • Move Your Game Files To A New Location: If your game is not running properly from an external drive, try moving the game files to a new location on your computer’s internal drive. This should help the game to run smoother and more reliably.
  • Install Your Game Onto Your External Drive: If you are installing a game from a disc or downloading it, make sure to install it directly onto your external drive. This will ensure that all of the required files and folders are set up correctly, and that the game will run properly.

In conclusion, it’s possible to play your games from external storage, but you need to make sure you choose a compatible drive and install the game properly. With these steps, you should be able to get your games running properly from an external drive.



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