why did mirage join the apex games

why did mirage join the apex games

Why did Mirage Join the Apex Games?

Mirage, a holographic trickster with a knack for showmanship, puzzled many who encountered him in the Outlands. But the truth behind why he joins the competition of the Apex Games is much more layered than many could have imagined.

Personality Conflict

At the start of his journey, Mirage faced a tremendous personality conflict. On one hand, he was a cunning trickster who was inspired by the action and glamour of the Apex Games. On the other hand, he was driven by a desire to help the people living in the Outlands, who faced tremendous inequality. Eventually, Mirage realized that he could combine the two conflicting desires by joining the Apex Games.

Maximizing Impact and Reach

By competing in the Apex Games, Mirage would be able to maximize his impact and reach. Not only would he be able to bring his showmanship to the competition, but he would also be able to use any prize money he earned to give back to the people of the Outlands. This way, Mirage would truly be able to indulge his two passions: performing on the big stage, and giving back to the people who need it most.

Support of Family and Friends

Of course, Mirage’s journey would not have been possible without the love and support of his family and friends. They provided Mirage with the resources and confidence necessary to join the Apex Games, and Mirage will always be grateful for this.


Ultimately, Mirage’s decision to join the Apex Games is driven by a combination of conflicting passions and values, with the support and love of his family and friends. He hopes that, by joining the competition, he will be able to maximize his impact and help those less fortunate, who live in the Outlands. It is this desire to make a difference that motivates Mirage to join the Apex Games.



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