why did ohio only play 12 games

why did ohio only play 12 games

Why Did Ohio Only Play 12 Games?

It’s a perplexing situation for many Ohio football fans as the state’s 12 teams were limited to only 12 scheduled regular-season games in 2020. Here we discuss the unusual circumstances which led to the odd schedule.

COVID-19 Restrictions

Perhaps the most apparent answer is the restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic that have been in place across the state. In an effort to both protect the health and safety of players, fans, and staff and to keep the virus from further spreading, the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) voted to severely curtail the 2020 season. As part of this ruling, teams can play a 12-game limit.

Roster and Safety Considerations

Another factor to consider are the safety considerations associated with keeping a team healthy and on the field. With rosters being so limited, the OHSAA had to ensure teams wouldn’t spread themselves too thin in case an outbreak strikes during the season. By only scheduling 12 regular season games, teams are better able to maintain their rosters, since the extra games could potentially exhaust the team’s resources.

Season Timing

Finally, the timing of the season also had an impact. With in-person practices and training camps delayed, teams were forced to play fewer regular-season games in order to fit the compressed season into a condensed, fall calendar. With limited time and resources, it was more feasible for teams to only play 12.


While it may seem odd at first, Ohio’s decision to limit the number of games played this season was actually necessary to help keep players, staff and fans safe. With the unique conditions due to the pandemic, the state had to make an exception and instead opt for 12 regular season games this year. Hopefully in the future Ohio teams will be able to soon return to their typical schedules, increasing the excitement and anticipation that comes with the great game of football.



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