why did ohio only play 12 games

why did ohio only play 12 games

The Ohio State Football team’s decisions to end the season early

The Ohio State football team ended their 2020 season with an impressive 11-1 record and a monumental result against Clemson in the Sugar Bowl. Despite the successful season, much can be said about why the team only played twelve games. Due to the pandemic, decisions had to be made to make sure that the team stayed safe while allowing their players to have the opportunity to compete.

Health and Safety

At the end of the day, health and safety of the players, coaches, and staff had to be prioritized. The pandemic put unprecedented strain on universities, athletic departments and football programs. The season had to be shortened because the health and safety of the players and staff had to come first. The Ohio State football team made sure that the protocols for safety were followed very closely in order for the season to happen.

Athletic Scheduling Issues

In addition to health and safety concerns, scheduling issues caused by the pandemic also impacted Ohio State’s decision. As conferences shifted and postponements became more prevalent, the remaining games on the Buckeye’s schedule moved, shifted and were ultimately canceled. While Ohio State could have continued its season and played other non-conference teams, it ultimately decided it was in the best interest of the team to end their season early.

Benefits of an abbreviated season

Though only playing twelve games in the regular season may seem like a disappointment, there were some benefits from the shortened season. Players were able to get rest and recover properly, while the staff adjusted their practice strategies to accommodate any health concerns. Additionally, the Buckeyes’ impressive season against tough competition in their first year with a new Coach made it even more impressive.


In conclusion, the Ohio State football team’s decision to end the season early was a prudent one, with health and safety of everyone involved being at the root of the decision. The team was able to have an amazing season that left a lasting impression on the fandom of the program. Despite the abbreviated regular season, Buckeye fans still had plenty to cheer about when the season was done.



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