why did the chiefs game get moved

why did the chiefs game get moved

Why Did The Chiefs Game Get Moved?

With the Chiefs originally scheduled to play their Week 4 matchup against the New England Patriots in Foxborough, MA on October 4th, 2020, Chiefs Chief Operating Officer, Joe Carter, has revealed that the game has been relocated due to local restrictions imposed by the Massachusetts Department of Health.

Reason #1: COVID-19

The main and most obvious factor for the game being moved was the ongoing pandemic. From federal and state regulations to teams being limited in the facilities they can use, it has been difficult for the NFL and other sports leagues to try and move forward with holding events safely and with as few restrictions as possible.

Massachusetts has been one of the more restrictive states in regards to events and gatherings, and the NFL was unable to obtain the clearance needed for the game, thus prompting the move.

Reason #2: Playing in Empty Stadiums

Due to the ongoing pandemic, NFL teams have been playing nearly all of their games this season in empty stadiums. This means that there is little, if any, incentive to actually hold the game in Foxborough.

With no fans in attendance, the NFL is unable to reap the financial benefits that would come with fans filing in to watch the game. In order to save money and maximize productivity, the league has been forced to look elsewhere when possible in order to host their games.

Reason #3: Buffalo

Finally, the NFL was able to find a solution by looking east to Buffalo, NY to host the game. In a statement released by Carter, he explains that the “Buffalo Bills have been incredibly accommodating and helpful in allowing us to utilize their facilities for the game”.

The Bills are always willing to lend a helping hand when it comes to the NFL, and the league was thankful for their hospitality in this instance. Now, the Chiefs and Patriots will meet at Bills Stadium for the third time this season.


To summarize, the game between the Chiefs and Patriots was moved from Foxborough, MA to Buffalo, NY due to the reasons listed above. With the COVID-19 pandemic imposing restrictions and NFL teams unable to reap the financial benefits of fans in attendance, the league was forced to look elsewhere for an acceptable location. The Buffalo Bills were able to lend a helping hand, and now the game will take place in the Bills’ home stadium.



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