why do mobile game ads lie

why do mobile game ads lie

Why Do Mobile Game Ads Lie?

In the modern world we are exposed to millions of advertisements daily and it is near impossible to differentiate the truth from lies on any given advertisement. Mobile game ads are a perfect example of this. Here are some reasons why mobile game ads can be deceptive:

Misleading game play

Oftentimes mobile game developers will showcase game play footage that is more exciting than it actually is, as if the gameplay were more entertaining than it actually will be. This can give players false expectations when they download the game.

Misleading IAPs

In-app purchases within a game are a great way to make money, yet the ads may not accurately display the cost associated with making a purchase or the items available in the shop. This can cause players to purchase an item or currency they don’t really need, or weren’t even aware of, resulting in poor user experience.

Overpromising Rewards

Mobile game ads may make promises of rewards or incentives that cannot be achieved in the game. Developers oftentimes misrepresent the chances of obtaining a reward or how powerful said reward is. This can lead to frustration and mistrust from players.

How To Avoid Being Misled By Mobile Game Ads

To avoid being tricked by false advertising and to accurately measure if a game is right for you, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you are getting the most out of your mobile gaming experience:

  • Read the reviews: Taking the time to read reviews can help to provide a better understanding of the game’s playability and potential IAPs.
  • Do your research: Researching the game being advertised can give you an insight into what the game actually looks like, and not just the advertised version.
  • Refer to Forums: Joining gaming forums and reaching out to other players for advice can be a helpful way to further understand the game content and get glimpses of real gameplay.

By following these steps, you can get a better understanding of if a game is worth your time and if the advertised content is truthful and worth the risk. Mobile gaming is a fun and exciting way to pass time but it’s important to be aware of potential false advertisement that can arise.



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