why do video games suck now

why do video games suck now

Why do video games suck now?

Modern video gaming has come a long way in the past few years with advances in graphics, voice recognition, and storytelling. But, unfortunately, it appears that the same old problems are still plaguing the industry, leaving players feeling dissatisfied. Here are a few reasons why video games suck now:

Lack of Innovation

Many games are simply cookie-cutter rehashes of the same basic gameplay mechanics. They may look different, but usually play the same. This stifles creativity and leads to players feeling jaded.

No Room for Interaction

It seems that more and more games depend on linear progression with minimal opportunity for spontaneous exploration or action. Players are left feeling restricted or unfulfilled because they lack the freedom to truly immerse themselves into the experience.

Money Hungry Business Model

The industry is dominated by money-hungry developers who prioritize profits over creativity. This results in games that have rushed development cycles, sloppy mechanics, and lots of in-game purchases for extra content.

Unfinished Content

Sometimes, games are released with obvious bugs and lots of unfinished content. This can lead to a feeling of dissatisfaction in players who invest time and money in a product that isn’t quite what they expected.


Overall, it’s clear that the video game industry has a long way to go before it can truly satisfy players. Despite advances in technology, it appears that the same old problems still remain and it’s up to developers to create games that will truly excite players.



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