why does apex keep verifying game files

why does apex keep verifying game files

Why Does Apex Keep Verifying Game Files?

When playing Apex Legends, you may have noticed it takes longer to load than other online games. You may have also noticed the “Verifying Game Files” screen or even the “Game Ready” screen when booting up the game. This prompt can feel frustrating sometimes, but the verification processes are actually there for good reason.

What is Verifying Game Files?

Verifying game files ensures that the game is running with the most up-to-date version and that all files necessary for the game to run properly are available. As the game files update, the verification process checks to ensure everything is correct, helps keep your game from crashing, and reduces bugs and glitches.

When Does Apex Legends Verify Game Files?

Apex Legends verifies game files upon the game launch and when the game is updated. This can take a few minutes depending on the player’s internet connection. If the verification process takes longer than expected, it could be a sign of a deeper issue such as your internet connection, possible bugs or glitches, or outdated versions of the game.

Benefits of Verifying Game Files

The benefits of verifying game files go beyond minimalizing bugs and glitches. The process can:

  • Improve connection stability
  • Verify the integrity of files
  • Increase loading speeds
  • Update the game with the latest version

Verifying game files helps keep your game running smoothly, without any problems. It is an essential part of the gaming experience, ensuring your game runs as flawlessly as possible.


Verifying game files is a necessary part of the Apex Legends experience. This process helps maintain the integrity of your game, ensures the latest version of the game is running, and helps the game run smoothly. If you ever encounter game crashes, bugs, and glitches, verifying game files can go a long way toward solving those problems.



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