why does espn+ blackout games

why does espn+ blackout games

Why Does ESPN+ Blackout Games?

Sports are a pastime that millions of people enjoy around the world. Whether they are attending a live game or watching it on television, they can get an intense thrill from the action of the players. ESPN+ is an online streaming service that delivers sports content around the globe. However, they may blackout certain games due to various reasons.

What Does Blacking Out Mean?

When it comes to sports streaming services like ESPN+, blacking out games means withholding access to certain games for viewers. This means that you won’t be able to watch the game, even if you have an active subscription to ESPN+.

Reasons Behind the Blacking Out

There could be more than one reason why ESPN+ may blackout certain games. These include:

  • Local teams: In some areas, ESPN+ is not allowed to stream local team games due to broadcasting rights. It usually means that locals can only watch those games on their traditional cable channels.
  • Territorial restrictions: ESPN+ may have restrictions in place to blackout games to viewers in different areas. This is to protect the rights of local broadcasters.
  • Sports leagues: Professional sports leagues may restrict certain games due to broadcasting rights. This means that those games may not be available to ESPN+ subscribers.
  • Other streaming services: Some games may be exclusive to other streaming services or TV networks.


ESPN+ is an excellent streaming service for watching sports, but it does have certain restrictions. Some games may be blacked out due to local teams, territorial restrictions, sports leagues, or other streaming services. However, this ultimately comes down to the broadcasting rights that ESPN+ has.



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