why does parents hate video games

why does parents hate video games

Why Do Parents Hate Video Games?

Most parents don’t understand the appeal that video games hold for their kids. As a result, many don’t think that video games are a constructive or educational activity to spend time on. Moreover, the violent or inappropriate content that many video games contain leads parents to further despise these games.

Video Games are Time Consuming

Parents hate video games because it is often seen as a real time waster. Parents recognize that there are only so many hours in the day that can be dedicated to studying, playing sports, and doing homework. Unfortunately, video games offer a quick and easy way to pass the time that can take away from other activities.

Immature Content

The content in some video games can be very inappropriate or violent. Many violent video games allow players to shoot, kill, and do other actions that parents do not feel are appropriate for kids. There are also video games that contain mature sexual content that parents would rather their kids avoid until they are old enough to understand it.

Loss of Self Control

Playing video games for too long can lead to addiction, where the person playing the game loses self-control and it becomes difficult for them to stop. This leads to a withdrawal from real-life activities and chores, and parents worry that video games might be taking away their child’s focus from more important things in life.

What Parents Can Do

Parents should not completely ban video games in the home, as it is important for children to have leisure activities like all other kids. Here are some tips on how to manage video game use in your household:

  • Create Rules: Set rules for how much time can be spent on video games, and stick to it.
  • Check Ratings: Learn how to check age ratings of video games, and don’t let your kids play games that are too mature for their age.
  • Encourage Balance: Look for ways to encourage your kids to play video games in moderation and to spend time on other activities.
  • Be Involved: Know what your kids are playing, and from time to time play video games with your kids to understand their appeal.

With some common-sense guidelines, parents can make sure that video games are used in a way that is both productive and safe.



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