why does the nfl play a game in london

why does the nfl play a game in london

Reasons why the NFL plays a game in London

The NFL has been playing games in London since 2007. Every year, the NFL confirms one or two games will be hosted in London, providing the English football fans with their own taste of American Football. But why is the NFL playing games in England? Let’s take a closer look:

Growing the NFL Brand

One of the main reasons the NFL has games in London is to increase their brand presence worldwide. Through these international games, the NFL’s popularity has grown over the years, with more people being interested in the game than ever before.

International Player Exposure

The games in London also provide the players of the NFL with international exposure. American football players in the UK and other countries are now able to watch their favorite teams and players in action, further spreading the popularity of the sport.

Engaging International Audiences

The NFL games in London also provide an opportunity to engage audiences from other countries. Fans in the UK have seen a huge spike in NFL viewership, and these games have allowed the sport to grow and gain more attention in the country.

Generate Revenue

Finally, the international games in London provide the NFL with an opportunity to generate revenue. Through ticket sales and other sources, the NFL can use these games to boost their overall financial performance.


Overall, the purpose of having NFL games in London is to grow the brand presence internationally, give players exposure, engage international audiences and generate revenue. The NFL has made a strong presence in the UK and other countries through its international games, and it looks like this trend will continue into the future.



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