why is auburn game delayed

why is auburn game delayed

Why is Auburn game delayed?

The Auburn game, which was to be played at Jordan–Hare Stadium, has been postponed due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. This game is a part of the Southeastern Conference’s (SEC) modified 11-game football schedule.

Reasons Behind the Delay

There are several reasons why the Auburn game has been delayed:

  • The SEC has determined that it is not safe to play football due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • The game was scheduled to be played on September 26th, but due to the current state of affairs, the SEC has decided that it would be safer to delay the game while limiting the number of people in the stadium.
  • The SEC is also taking this decision in consideration of the health of the players, coaches, and staff.
  • The SEC is also taking precautionary steps to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus by having the game delayed.

Impact of the Delay

The delay of the Auburn game affects both teams, as well as the fans.

  • For the teams, the delay reduces the time they have to prepare for the game and increases the risk of injuries due to the lack of adequate time to rest and prepare.
  • For the fans, they may not be able to attend the game, depending on what health guidelines are in place at the time of the game.
  • The postponement also puts a financial strain on the teams and the SEC, as they will have to cover the cost of the game being canceled.


While the delay of the Auburn game may be inconvenient, it is ultimately a necessary decision in order to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved. It is important that everyone abide by the guidelines set forth by the SEC in order to minimize the risk of exposure to the coronavirus. Even though the game has been delayed, the Auburn community and its fans will continue to be passionate and ready to cheer on their beloved team when the time comes.



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