why is dave portnoy banned from.nfl games

why is dave portnoy banned from.nfl games

Why is Dave Portnoy Banned From NFL Games?

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, is banned from attending NFL games. Here are some of the reasons why:

Legal Troubles

Dave Portnoy has had a few legal troubles that have followed him for years. The most noteworthy is his involvement in a defamation lawsuit between him and a former employee at Barstool Sports, Katie Nolan. The case spurred from tweets Portnoy sent in April 2017 that included “derogatory comments about Nolan’s character and skills in her job.”

Disruptive Behavior

Dave Portnoy has a reputation for being disruptive and outspoken. During his visits to games, he has been known to be disrespectful to players, coaches, and other fans. In addition, he has been accused of inciting violence at sporting events, which is a violation of NFL policies.

Unacceptable Language

Dave Portnoy has also been known to use profanity and other inappropriate language at games. This has been a major source of criticism, as NFL games should be family-oriented events.


Dave Portnoy has been banned from attending NFL games due to his past legal troubles, disruptive behavior, and unacceptable language. These reasons have led the NFL to avoid putting players, coaches, and other fans at risk of his antics.



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