why is kenny pickett not in the game

why is kenny pickett not in the game

Why is Kenny Pickett Not in the Game?

Kenny Pickett, the starting quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers this season, has been absent from recent games due to injury. Steelers fans are wondering why he is not playing and what the team is doing to ensure his potential return to the field.

Injury Diagnosis

Pickett was diagnosed with a sprained MCL, an injury that typically takes two to four weeks to recover from depending on the severity. In his current condition, he is not yet ready to step onto the field and risk further injury.

Recovery Progress

The Steelers training staff and medical staff are taking every precaution to protect Pickett’s health and make sure he is fully recovered before returning him to the game. The team is closely monitoring his progress as he works to regain strength and range of motion. While Pickett is expected to make a full recovery, there is no definite timeline for his return.

Expectations For Return

Given the injury and recovery time frame, the Steelers have decided to keep Pickett on the sidelines until he is healthy enough to participate without risk. The team has not ruled out a return this season, but at this time they are not expecting it as they plan for the rest of the season without him.

Team Strategy

The Steelers have been implementing new strategies to adjust to the unexpected absence of Pickett. They are relying heavily on the strength of their running game, while also putting a focus on their defense. They are also taking advantage of the weapons they have in the passing game, utilizing both their tight end and wide receivers.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the Steelers are taking every precaution to make sure Pickett is ready to return to the field when it is safe and prudent to do so. The team expects Pickett to make a full recovery, but there is no timeline for his return. Until then, the Steelers will continue to adjust their game plan to make the most of their current situation.



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