why is the braves game delayed

why is the braves game delayed

Why the Braves Game is Delayed

The game between the Atlanta Braves and the Arizona Diamondbacks was delayed for some time due to a variety of reasons. Fans and players alike have been left waiting and wondering why the game has been postponed.

Weather Conditions

One of the major reasons the game has been delayed is due to inclement weather conditions. Due to a severe thunderstorm with high winds and heavy rain, the umpires made the decision the game should not start until conditions improve. Safety is the main concern and the players may be at risk of injury if the game were to proceed in such conditions.

Injured Players

Also, one of the Braves’ players is currently injured, so the team had to make accommodations in terms of substitutions or filling the gap in the lineup.

Umpire Availability

The game has also been delayed due to a lack of umpire availability. Umpires must have the required training and knowledge to officiate the game and if they cannot be present then the game can not proceed.

Types of Delays

The delay is a forecasted delay as opposed a suspended game which takes place after the game has already began. When a game is suspended, the umpires have to decide when the remaining innings will be played.

Effects of the Delay

The effects of the delay are still being felt by players, coaches and fans alike, who are still waiting to see the game come to life. The delay will undoubtedly affect the performance of the teams and the morale of the team.

What to Expect

The exact length of the delay is still unknown, and it is unclear when the game will start. Until the umpires deem it safe to start the game, fans, players, and coaches will have to wait for the all clear to come.


A variety of factors have led to the Braves game being delayed, from weather conditions to player management – all of which are paramount in ensuring the safety and fairness of the game. Although the delay is inconvenient and affects everyone involved, it is an important measure that is to be taken in order to ensure the game is completed in the safest and best possible way.



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