why is the packer game in london

why is the packer game in london

An Unusual Sight: American Football in London

Typically, when one envisions London, visions of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the House of Parliament come to mind. However, this October will be the third NFL regular-season game to take place at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium. The Jacksonville Jaguars and the Philadelphia Eagles will be facing off, and the excitement of both US and British fans is palpable!

A Growing Appreciation

American Football is a relatively new game in the UK. But over the past few years the game has exploded in popularity. The NFL has even made it their mission to work towards making football the number one sport in the U.K. With television coverage available, plus merchandise, the enthusiasm is growing and growing.

The Allure of the Game

The appeal of a football match is inarguable – the atmosphere, the strategy, the competition – it’s all part of the experience. And for those of us who love the sport, seeing a game in person has a special feeling, especially when we see familiar teams taking on foreign opponents. And, of course, there’s something particularly exciting about the idea of seeing two American teams battling it out in a foreign country.

The Benefits

Not only is the experience of a NFL game something to behold, but it also has some significant benefits as well.

  • Bringing People Together: NFL games provide an event to bring people together, whether it’s to share a pre-game beer in the pub or to huddle together under the stands watching the players. Football games create an atmosphere that is unique in sports.
  • Exposure to the Culture: Fans get to experience the pageantry of American football as well as the culture of the country first hand. Many visitors make the trip to London to see the game and witness the culture overload.
  • An International Marketing Opportunity: Bringing American Football to London allows the NFL to reach new audiences. It offers an opportunity to promote the game and bring the American Football brand to new markets.

The Verdict

The NFL’s decision to bring American football to London is a no-brainer. It has definitely created an exciting experience for fans and allowed the sport to be exposed to a new audience. And after all, who wouldn’t be excited to see a game between the Jaguars and the Eagles at Wembley Stadium?



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