why is the usfl game delayed

why is the usfl game delayed

Why is USFL Game Delayed?

Recently, the United States Football League (USFL) experienced a delay in their game schedule due to various reasons.

Reasons for Delay

The primary reason for the delay was the significant changes in the USFL’s operating structure. The League had to appoint new CEO, Jeffery Pollack, and restructure its teams, schedules, and game formats. This led to a delay in the games, and the USFL had to postpone the 2021 season until the changes were implemented.

Additionally, the continuing COVID-19 pandemic created an added challenge and further complicated the process leading to the delay of USFL games. With the virus spreading rapidly, it was necessary to impose strict guidelines to maintain the health and safety of the players, coaches and fans, creating an additional challenge for the league.

Outcome of Delay

The delay of the USFL game, while unwanted, has brought forth some advantages. The reorganization of the league has allowed them to create a more competitive and exciting schedule that fans can enjoy. Additionally, the delay allowed players, coaches and staff to prepare for the 2021 season, giving them more time to refine their strategies, develop their skills, and stay motivated.

The reorganization of the USFL also made possible the involvement of new investors and sponsors, increasing the chances for the USFL to expand and become a successful sports organization in the US.


The delay of the USFL game was unfortunate but it allowed for an increased level of preparation and reorganization, which should create a more exciting 2021 season. We should all look forward to the upcoming season, and hope that the delay has created an even better product that we can enjoy.



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