why isn t the braves game on tv today

why isn t the braves game on tv today

Why Isn’t the Braves Game on TV Today?

The Braves game scheduled for today has been removed from the TV lineup due to reasons ranging from weather-related issues to stipulations in broadcast contracts. Below are the most common sources of why the Braves game isn’t on TV today.

Weather Conditions

Weekend and night games are most likely to be affected by weather conditions. If rain, snow, or heavy wind are expected during the game it can result in the game being postponed or cancelled altogether.

Broadcast Contracts

Teams often sign multi-year broadcast contracts that determine which network or cable provider will show their games. If a team’s games are scheduled to be broadcast on a certain network and that network does not have broadcast rights for that game for whatever reason, the game will not be available.


If the game is not sold out, then the local broadcast rights holder has the ability to blackout the game in the local area. In these situations, the game will not be available on TV or streaming services in the area where the game is being played.

Time Zone Restrictions

When a team is playing in a different time zone, their games can sometimes be restricted by the network’s regional contracts. In this case, the game may not show up on those networks, or in some cases, the game may be blacked out.

Bottom line, there are many reasons why the Braves game may not be available on TV today. It is important to check with the local broadcast rights holder, the station carrying the game, and any other local outlets to ensure that you can watch the game.



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