will skull and bones be on game pass

will skull and bones be on game pass

Skull and Bones: Will It Be on Game Pass?

Skull and Bones has been highly anticipated by gamers ever since Ubisoft first announced it in 2017. With its naval warfare action-adventure and role-playing game elements, this game looks to captivate gamers everywhere. Unfortunately, news on the actual release is still sparse. This has left fans looking for answers to the big question: Will Skull and Bones be on Game Pass?

What We Know So Far

Skull and Bones has had a long and difficult development process, leading to the ultimate delay in the game’s release. Currently, no release date has been announced, though Ubisoft did say updates will be shared in 2021.

What we do know is that the game is set in the Indian Ocean during the 18th century, and players take control of a pirate captain and recruit a crew to sail the seas, plundering, trading and looking for buried treasure.

Will Skull and Bones Be on Game Pass?

Though nothing has been confirmed by Ubisoft, some fans have theorized that the game may eventually be released through the Xbox Game Pass service. After all, Game Pass has become a great destination for vast and varied titles, including some of Ubisoft’s previous titles like Rainbow Six Siege and Anno 1800.

That being said, there’s no guarantee Skull and Bones will join the game pass lineup. Until we hear official word from Ubisoft, this will remain a mystery and fans will just have to wait to find out if the wait for Skull and Bones will be shorter with a subscription.

When Will We Know?

The good news is that gaming news is shared more quickly than ever, so we’ll likely know more about a potential Skull and Bones game pass subscription soon. Those who are anxiously awaiting news should look out for any announcements from both Microsoft and Ubisoft.

In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to stay informed:

  • Follow Ubisoft and Microsoft on social media. Both of these companies are active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, releasing updates and announcements regularly.
  • Sign up for updates. Many companies like Ubisoft provide email newsletters with news on upcoming releases and updates.
  • Check gaming websites. Sites such as Kotaku and IGN often run stories on new developments related to gaming.

No matter what, it’s always exciting to wonder if Skull and Bones might make its way to Game Pass, so stay tuned for more news in 2021.



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