will there be a game after half life alyx reddit

will there be a game after half life alyx reddit

Will there be a Game After Half-Life: Alyx?

Half-Life: Alyx, is the latest game from Valve Corporation and brought back the Half-Life series after a 10 year wait. It has been praised for its strong story and immersive VR experience by gamers around the world. But with many wondering, will there be another game in the Half-Life series after ALYX?

Valve’s Silence on the Matter

Valve has been silent on the future of the Half-Life series, even in response to questions from fans on Reddit. Some believe this is due to the massive success of Half-Life: Alys sales, and that Valve doesn’t want to give any hints of a possible continuation of the story.

Clues Pointing to Future Games

Despite this silence, some theories suggest that there are clues pointing to a possible future Half-Life game. For example, a leaked image of Alyx’s father, Eli Vance, hints at a possible storyline involving his return. Additionally, Half-Life: Alyx remains one of the highest rated and most played games on Steam, suggesting that people are more willing to invest in the series.

What Could the Future Hold?

It is still uncertain if a new Half-Life game will be coming out in the near future. With Valve’s silence on the matter and no confirmed teasers or hints, we can only speculate on what the future holds for the Half-Life franchise.

One thing is certain, however: the success of Half-Life: Alyx has been critical to reigniting the Half-Life franchise and its community.


Whether or not there will be a new Half-Life game after Alyx remains to be seen. However, with the success of Alyx, its clear that the community would be eager to play more of the series. Only time will tell what the future holds for Half-Life.



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