will there be a true to the game 4

will there be a true to the game 4

Will There Be a True to the Game 4?

Fans of the True to the Game franchise have been wondering if there will be a fourth installment to the series. Though no official announcement has been made about a sequel, there are several clues pointing to the possibility of one.

Possible Clues

  • The Novels: The True to the Game series was originally a series of novels written by Teri Woods. Over the years, Woods wrote several sequels and prequels to the original novel.
  • The Movie: A movie adaptation of the original novel was released in 2017. The story follows Gena (played by Erica Peeples) as she navigates through the street life in Philadelphia.
  • The Sequel Script: The screenwriter of the movie, Preston A. Whitmore II, recently announced that he has written a script for the sequel.

What’s Next?

Though the script for the sequel has been written, there is still a long journey ahead for a fourth True to the Game installment. The original movie did not do well at the box office so studios may be hesitant to invest in the franchise. If the sequel gets greenlit, the team will have to cast actors, scout locations, and fund the project.

Overall, it seems like fans of the True to the Game franchise may have something to look forward to in the future. Though no concrete plans have been set in place, the clues all point toward the possibility of a fourth installment in the series.



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